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Submission Certificate
Game: Duotron
Serial Number: 06516
Submitted By: Jon B
Submit Date: 7/3/2010
Game Part: Complete Game
Country: United States
Comment: Owned by my uncle for private use. The game has a good home, is well cared for and well played for.
SerialBot Says: Serial number matches format of a Production Game
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Nudging Closed On: 7/10/2010 5:43:12 PM
DateNudged ByNudgeComment
7/3/2010Don Walton, Jr.-1Even with the zoom, I can't tell 100% what it is. It kinda looks like 06516....
7/3/2010King of Pinball1 
7/3/2010The Pinball God-1This is really fuzzy. How about another try at the photo, Jon? We really appreciate the effort.
7/4/2010Richard Hall1it's fuzzy as a peach, but I can read it.
7/4/2010hawkeye nudge master jr.-1 
7/4/2010Byrdie 1Fuzzy but readable. Passable but a better pic would be good.
7/4/2010John Vorwerk-1I guess it all depends on the monitor you have, mine says "no".
7/4/2010Shawn Christian1Difficult to read but I think I can read the correct numbers with enough zoom on the iPhone.
7/4/2010Basil LeBlanc-1 
7/5/2010Martin Ellenberger1I stood back a few feet and it worked.
7/5/2010Hans Haase1Wow, very hard, but possible.
7/6/2010Jess Askey-1Not sure... that third number could be something other than a 5.. pretty blurry.
7/9/2010Mike Goss-1too Blurry, Try again
7/10/2010Brett Bennett-1third digit too 'iffy' sorry

Submitted Trait Data:
There was no trait data submitted for this game.