The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

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Game Serial Number Submission Form:

It is extremely important that serial numbers submitted are accurate. If you have questions about finding your serial number please refer to the Finding Serial Numbers page.

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Sorcerer - Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) - March 1985

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Some games have a serial number that is formatted specifically for that game, it may have a special prefix/suffix or have special characters in the middle of the number. Be sure to enter your serial number in the format examples as shown otherwise the site will not accept your submission.


It is often the case that game serials can be registered by non-owners when a game is at a show etc. We want to be able to distinguish ownership if possible.

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It is important for us to distinguish between serial numbers tha have been submitted by physically reading them off a game vs. serial submissions that come from other sources such as owner's list, auctions, RPG posts or other sources. The value of these other sources is still there but they inherently have a little less value simply because there is more chance of error since the submitter is not looking at the actual machine.

Collection Method:


Specify if the serial number you are registering is for a complete games, just the backbox or just the cabinet. You may also specify that the serial number you are submitting is for a game part such as a CPU, Driver or other PCB. It is common for games to have PCB's from other games due to repairs etc. These are still valuable to us as they verify the existence of serial numbers. If you submit a game part serial number under a specific game, that serial will not be directly linked to that game but will be put into the database as a stand alone serial number.

Game Part:
(What Happened to Game Parts?)  

It is common for games to have a datestamp somewhere on them, it is often stamped on the edge of the playfield plywood on the front edge. It is occaisionaly on the side edge. It is also common for games not to have this date anywhere on the cabinet. Please only submit dates that are on the game itself, not from other sources.

Date Stamps:

Specify if the game or part is complete, only of value as parts or unknown to you.

Game Condition:

You may add any additional comments about your submission here. If there is something special you know about the game (known prototype, oddities, artwork differences, etc) please enter it here.



You can now specify a physical location of the game with the registered serial number, this allows us to over time track and map games around the world!!

Game Location:
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  Please select the location of the actual serial number and not your location.
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You may either upload a photo from your local computer or specify the URL of a photo of your submission. The photo will be automatically uploaded to the database and stored with your submission. Please only upload clear and readable photos of the Serial Number Only, a general picture of the entire game is not needed. PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLES PHOTOS FROM IPDB.ORG!!!! Thank you.

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IMPORTANT: Please do not upload photos from the Internet Pinball Database, their privacy policy states that photos are property of their respective owners, you need to get permission from the photographer to upload the photo here! Thank you!
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Game Traits are properties that you or anyone else can add to a game in the IPSND. There are instances where a particular game model may have features, printing differences or other properties that changed through the production run of the game. It is often interesting to find trends about these features and collect info on what exact serial number range that feature existed on. An example is Williams 1981 game Jungle Lord which had two different cabinet colors, red and blue.

Game Traits: (Submit your own custom Fields)

Backglass Artwork - Early backglasses had a solid blue background while later versions accented the blue with black areas. Pictures can be seen at the Internet Pinball Database.

Coin Door Style - Two versions of coin doors were installed on this game... the standard System 7 Stainless Steel door or the standard Black with Orange coin slots.

Playfield Robe Colors - Two different playfield color schemes have been identified for this game. The differences are found in the color of the sorcerer’s robe and trim, the colors of the feathers on the skull located just above the upper flipper, and the colors of the feathers on the skull located below the upper flipper. The two versions are: 1) Royal purple robe with pink trim. Both skulls have green and red feathers. 2) Blue robe with red trim. Upper skull has red and white feathers. Lower skull has green, red, and white feathers. Selecting the robe color from the Drop Down List will include the associated feather colors. Added 11/23/15: If your playfield has been repainted, is a reproduction, or has been taken from another machine, select Replacement.

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