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Submission Certificate
Game: Star Wars Episode I
Serial Number: 57369105235
Submitted By: Meester Pieter
Submit Date: 4/28/2013
Game Part: Complete Game
Country: United States
Comment: Conversion kit in box
SerialBot Says: Serial number matches format of a Production Game
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Nudging Closed On: 4/28/2013 6:46:39 PM
DateNudged ByNudgeComment
4/28/2013Jim Smith-1This is the kit SN, not the SWEP1 game itself.
4/28/2013Pat Herbert1 
4/28/2013King of Pinball1The submitter indicates that it is a playfield conversion kit. It is proper to submit serial numbers for parts including conversion kits, although they should be submitted as parts instead of machines. Anyway, whether it should have been submitted differently, I think the offered number has been verified. Jess can move it to another category if that is appropriate.
4/28/2013 pinballservice-nl-1 
4/28/2013Jim Butler1 
4/28/2013Dick Lineberry1 
4/28/2013Richard Hall1