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Submission Certificate
Game: Ro Go
Serial Number: 3073
Submitted By: Rod McLarge
Submit Date: 12/11/2017
Game Part: Complete Game
Country: United States
Comment: FS on FB
SerialBot Says: Serial number matches format of a Production Game
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There are no other submissions of this serial number for this game.

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Nudging Closed On: 12/21/2017 7:32:07 PM
DateNudged ByNudgeComment
12/21/2017I P FREELY1 
12/21/2017Seal Clubber-1Zooming in it looks like a 3023 to me.
12/21/2017 pinballservice-nl1the 7 is debatable...
12/21/2017Jon Mclean-13023 ?
12/21/2017Fun House1 
12/21/2017Marty Froomin-1Looks like 3023. Retake photo and resubmit. Suggest using a number from inside the machine.
12/21/2017Dennis Braun-1It's 3023
12/21/2017King of Pinball1It's definitely a 7. Look at the top of the number and compare the shape of this one to others that have been submitted by other members. The top is too flat to be a 2. The tail is a scratch.
12/21/2017Dean Larson1 
12/21/2017Richard Hall-1it looks like 3023 to me as well
12/21/2017Dick Lineberry1 
12/21/2017Eric Cunningham-1 
12/21/2017Byrdie 1The "7" is an upside down "2." Why that would be I have no clue but as written, the submission is correct.
12/21/2017Matías N. Brusa1 
12/21/2017Mike Goss1Looks like a 7 with a scratch on the bottom

Submitted Trait Data:
Backglass ColorsGreen-Blue
Playfield ColorsBlue-Red
Cabinet ColorsRed-Yellow-White