The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,304  Serials: 52,919  Visitors: 34,885,055  Members: 3,987  Photos: 29,571  Lat/Lng: 25,892  Masks: 52,919(839.45 %)  Traits: 512  Nudges: 150,345  Backglasses: 1,863
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,092)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(4,245)  Most Points: Dennis Braun(31,559)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.15)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(20,123)
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12/19/2020Monster Bash53365401265    steve worthey  1 
22/19/2020Attack from Mars53341102947    steve worthey  1 
32/19/2020Monster Bash53365401265    Byrdie   1 
42/19/2020Attack from Mars53341102947    Byrdie   1 
52/19/2020Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)MM3055    Byrdie   1 
62/19/2020Monster Bash53365401265    Kevin D  1 
72/19/2020Monster Bash53365401265    hazmat7719  1 
82/19/2020Attack from Mars53341102947    hazmat7719  1 
92/19/2020Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)MM3055    hazmat7719  1 
102/19/2020Monster Bash53365401265    King of Pinball  1 
112/19/2020Attack from Mars53341102947    King of Pinball  1 
122/19/2020Attack from Mars53341102947    Kevin D  1 
132/19/2020Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)MM3055    Kevin D  1 
142/19/2020Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)MM3055    Fun House  1 
152/19/2020Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)MM3055    King of Pinball  1 
162/19/2020 E180491  Kevin D  1 
172/18/2020XenonEXE6398  Dick Lineberry  1 
182/18/2020XenonEXE6398  King of Pinball  1 
192/18/2020Nitro Ground ShakerEGS4654  King of Pinball  1 
202/18/2020Star TrekEST16401  King of Pinball  1 
212/18/2020XenonEXE6398  Brendan Triplett  1 
222/18/2020Nitro Ground ShakerEGS4654  Brendan Triplett  1 
232/18/2020Star TrekEST16401  Brendan Triplett  1 
242/18/2020The Walking Dead (Pro)250422    Brendan Triplett  1 
252/18/2020Twilight Zone50220206631    Brendan Triplett  1 
262/18/2020XenonEXE6398  Byrdie   1 
272/18/2020Nitro Ground ShakerEGS4654  Byrdie   1 
282/18/2020Star TrekEST16401  Byrdie   1 
292/18/2020The Walking Dead (Pro)250422    Byrdie   1 
302/18/2020Twilight Zone50220206631    Byrdie   1 
312/18/2020XenonEXE6398  steve worthey  1 
322/18/2020Nitro Ground ShakerEGS4654  steve worthey  1 
332/18/2020Star TrekEST16401  steve worthey  1 
342/18/2020Nitro Ground ShakerEGS4654  Fun House  1 
352/18/2020Star TrekEST16401  Fun House  1 
362/18/2020The Walking Dead (Pro)250422    GameTime  1 
372/18/2020Twilight Zone50220206631    GameTime  1 
382/18/2020The Walking Dead (Pro)250422     pinballservice-nl  1 
392/18/2020Twilight Zone50220206631     pinballservice-nl  1 
402/18/2020The Walking Dead (Pro)250422    steve worthey  1 
412/18/2020Twilight Zone50220206631    steve worthey  1 
422/18/2020 E180491  steve worthey  1 
432/18/2020 E180491  Isochronic Frost  1 
442/18/2020 E180491  King of Pinball  1 
452/18/2020 E180491   pinballservice-nl  1 
462/18/2020The Simpsons Pinball Party171974  Pawel Napierala  1 
472/18/2020Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)E248155    Pawel Napierala  1 
482/18/2020The Simpsons Pinball Party171974  King of Pinball  1 
492/18/2020Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)E248155    King of Pinball  1 
502/18/2020The Simpsons Pinball Party171974  Kevin D  1 

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