The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,555  Serials: 62,192  Visitors: 60,668,890  Members: 5,102  Photos: 37,995  Lat/Lng: 32,200  Masks: 62,192(948.77%)  Traits: 558  Nudges: 192,990  Backglasses: 1,865
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,218)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(5,718)  Most Points: Dennis Braun(42,523)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.45)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(25,204)
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110/3/2022The Addams Family20017060912    Dick Lineberry  1 
210/3/2022Space InvadersESI4017  GameTime  1 
310/3/2022The Addams Family20017594939    Dick Lineberry  1 
410/3/2022Stage Coach2219    Dick Lineberry  1 
510/3/2022The Addams Family20017060912    Charles P  1 
610/3/2022The Addams Family20017594939    Charles P  -1 
710/3/2022The Addams Family20017060912     pinballservice-nl  1 
810/3/2022The Addams Family20017594939     pinballservice-nl  1 
910/3/2022The Addams Family20017060912    Isochronic Frost  1 
1010/3/2022The Addams Family20017060912    CasaSchiller  1 
1110/3/2022The Addams Family20017594939    CasaSchiller  1 
1210/2/2022The Addams Family20017594939    Isochronic Frost  1 
1310/2/2022Last Action Hero93715    Kevin D  1 
1410/2/2022Monopoly™160940    GameTime  1 
1510/2/2022Monopoly™160940    CasaSchiller  1 
1610/2/2022Monopoly™160940    King of Pinball  1 
1710/2/2022Monopoly™160940    Dennis Braun  1 
1810/2/2022Monopoly™160940    Isochronic Frost  1 
1910/2/2022Last Action Hero93715    CasaSchiller  1 
2010/2/2022Last Action Hero93715    Isochronic Frost  1 
2110/2/2022Last Action Hero93715    King of Pinball  1 
2210/2/2022Last Action Hero93715    Charles P  1 
2310/2/2022Stage Coach2219    Charles P  1 
2410/2/2022Stage Coach2219    CasaSchiller  1 
2510/2/2022Stage Coach2219     pinballservice-nl  1 
2610/2/2022Stage Coach2219    Fun House  1 
2710/2/2022Frank Thomas' Big Hurt™139549    Tom Bagaglia  1 
2810/2/2022Funhouse50003I576189    CasaSchiller  -1 
2910/2/2022Theatre of Magic50739103471  GameTime  -1 
3010/2/2022Theatre of Magic50739103471  CasaSchiller  -1 
3110/2/2022Batman44691  CasaSchiller  -1 
3210/2/2022Theatre of Magic50739103471  I P FREELY  -1 
3310/2/2022Batman44691  I P FREELY  -1 
3410/2/2022Funhouse50003I576189    I P FREELY  -1 
3510/2/2022The Addams Family20017I041430    CasaSchiller  -1 
3610/2/2022Theatre of Magic50739103471   pinballservice-nl  -1 
3710/2/2022Batman44691   pinballservice-nl  -1 
3810/2/2022Funhouse50003I576189     pinballservice-nl  -1 
3910/2/2022The Addams Family20017I041430     pinballservice-nl  -1 
4010/2/2022Frank Thomas' Big Hurt™139549     pinballservice-nl  1 
4110/2/2022The Addams Family20017I041430    Isochronic Frost  -1Please take a photo of the actual serial number
4210/2/2022Theatre of Magic50739103471  Isochronic Frost  -1Please take a photo of the actual serial number
4310/2/2022Batman44691  King of Pinball  -1 
4410/2/2022Funhouse50003I576189    King of Pinball  -1 
4510/2/2022The Addams Family20017I041430    King of Pinball  -1Great picture. But I don't see the serial number in the photo.
4610/2/2022Batman44691  Isochronic Frost  -1Serial number not shown
4710/2/2022Funhouse50003I576189    Isochronic Frost  -1Serial number not visible
4810/2/2022Frank Thomas' Big Hurt™139549    Isochronic Frost  1 
4910/2/2022Frank Thomas' Big Hurt™139549    King of Pinball  1 
5010/2/2022The Addams Family20017I041430    Charles P  1