The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

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Prepping for the Cloud...
Since my Adaptec RAID controller in the home VMWARE system has been giving some slight fits lately, Im going to start experimenting with moving the site up to the cloud. I have to do some test migrations of the database (which is 16GB in size - mostly due to images) so it is a beast. The pricepoint I need to run the servers at is fairly modest... 2 CPU's, 16GB of RAM. Once I get some testing done, I will report back.
-posted by Jess Askey on 12/14/2017
Fixed issue on Defined Serial Masks for newer Stern Games
Found some bad Regex which was causing the clustering algorithm to skip Export serial numbers due to the E prefix on those. Fixed them right up! 
-posted by Jess Askey on 12/13/2017
Bally Games and Production Date
After talking with Jay and Wolf at the IPDB, I found that I was using an incorrect date on Bally games which had both a 'Project Date' and a 'Date of Manufacture' stored in the IPDB, it turns out I was loading the 'Project Date' which was earlier by more than a year sometimes and it was throwing off things in the Manufacturer listings that seemed odd to me. Anyway, a quick code fix and a resync and we should be good to go. 
-posted by Jess Askey on 11/18/2017
Silverball Mania or Six Million Dollar Man... who's your daddy?
I spent some time reconciling serial numbers which start with the 'ESM' prefix. Both Silverball Mania and Six Million Dollar Man use this same prefix so it can make game part assignments a little tougher. I found that most Bally PCB's have a datecode on them and in this particular instance I found several pics with a datecode of '11-79' or just plain '80'.... so all of those mystery ESM serial numbers were clearly Silverball Mania serials since Six Million Dollar Man was released in October of 1978. 
-posted by Jess Askey on 11/15/2017
44,000 Submissions... Woo Hoo!
Fun House submitted the 44,000th serial number today. Thanks for everyone's support... Keep the serial numbers coming!
-posted by SerialBot on 11/11/2017
Back Online!
I had a RAID Controller issue (I thought) but it seems that something went wrong with my other datastore in VMWARE so I ended up just doing a fresh install of VMWARE 6.5 and got rid of a bunch of old disks. Either way, site is back, no data lost... so all good. Fingers crossed! Thanks Y'all.
-posted by Jess Askey on 11/6/2017
20,000,000 visitors since we started!
Thanks for your support everyone. Cheers!
-posted by SerialBot on 6/20/2017
Dick Lineberry is a Nudge-Master!
5000 nudges and counting... Congratulations!
-posted by SerialBot on 5/29/2017

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