The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games:5,846  Serials:32,012  Visitors:13,322,308  Members:3,981  Photos:11,790  Lat/Lng:14,230  Masks:3,057(52.29 %)  Traits:287  Nudges:60,670  Avg Nudge:3.71
  Most Serials:Twilight Zone(749)  Most Submissions: John Vorwerk(2,264)  Most Points: John Vorwerk(13,380)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.24)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(7,439)
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32,000 Submissions!
Felix submitted the 32,000 serial number today. Thanks for everyone's support... Keep the serial numbers coming!
-posted by SerialBot on 10/30/2014
13,000,000 visitors!
Thanks for your support everyone.
-posted by SerialBot on 8/24/2014
pinballservice-nl is a Nudge-Master
5000 nudges and counting... Congratulations!
-posted by SerialBot on 7/21/2014
Serial number questions...
...can be submitted to me.  I usually respond within a day or two.

I'll answer questions about mismatches, formats, etc.  If your serial number doesn't match a mask, or if no mask is defined, let me know and I'll be happy to update the serialbot as necessary.

Thanks for your submissions and support!

Pistol Pete
-posted by Pistol Pete on 7/18/2014
Server Outage Today...
Im going to move up to a new RAID storage controller today and off my 8+year old non-RAID drives. Im doing this *before* I leave town so the server is less likey to go down over my upcoming holiday. Fingers crossed!  thanks. Jess
-posted by Jess Askey on 7/4/2014
31,000 Submissions!
Steven Saril submitted the 31,000 serial number today. Thanks for everyone's support... Keep the serial numbers coming!
-posted by SerialBot on 6/27/2014
More scrutiny :(
Jess asked back in April for nudgers to take a more critical look before clicking thumbs up. I am asking again.

The same picture, submitted under two different game names (both incorrect), was voted thumbs up under both games, even though the picture showed a slightly different cabinet stamp compared to the text entered for the serial number.

The numbers submitted and its accompanying photograph must match.  The photograph must be clear enough that you can read the number without influence from looking at the text entry. The serial number entry should be for one game only for a head or cabinet.

All of these conditions must be met for a thumbs up vote.

-posted by Pistol Pete on 6/3/2014
Photo Nudging Scrutiny
Hey all you nudgers! Just a reminder to really scrutinize those photos going through when you nudge them. We have had a couple fly through nudging with all up votes when the serial number was wrong. Remember to put on your critical thinking cap when nudging. I typically attempt to figure out the serial number by looking at the photo *before* seeing the submitted number and then I see if they match. thanks!!
-posted by Jess Askey on 4/25/2014

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