The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 49,567  Visitors: 27,819,961  Members: 3,703  Photos: 26,576  Lat/Lng: 24,880  Masks: 49,567(797.28 %)  Traits: 503  Nudges: 135,246  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,033)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,264)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,988)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.15)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(18,090)
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12/21/2019Aztec278046    Complete GameShockTrooper  Complete
22/21/2019Checkpoint36854  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
32/21/2019Safe Cracker93303100378  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
42/21/2019Flip Flop1661    Complete GameEM-fan  Complete
52/21/2019Monopoly™162032  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
62/21/2019ParagonEPA4392    Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
72/20/2019Total Nuclear AnnihilationTNA0908170292  Complete GameJohn Aslanian  Complete
82/20/2019Flash GordonEFG5574  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
92/20/2019Whirlwind574331573  Complete GameJohn Aslanian  Complete
102/20/2019Abra Ca Dabra03381    Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
112/20/2019Abra Ca Dabra03772    Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
122/20/2019Abra Ca Dabra04916  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
132/20/2019The Flintstones51029103515  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
142/20/2019Diner571421689  Other PartsFun House  Complete
152/20/2019Target Alpha12713  Complete GameJohn Huffman  Complete
162/20/2019Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)275770  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
172/20/2019Tucson13750  Complete GameMatthew Szewczyk  Complete
182/20/2019Beat Time94143  Complete GameJeff Abrams  Complete
192/19/2019No Fear: Dangerous Sports51425103914    Other PartsFun House  Complete
202/19/2019Cactus Canyon50466400494  Complete GameFun House  Complete
212/19/2019The Champion Pub50263400949  Complete GameFun House  Complete
222/19/2019No Fear: Dangerous Sports51425102508  Other PartsFun House  Complete
232/19/2019Red & Ted's Road Show50424100593  Complete GameFun House  Complete
242/19/2019F-14 Tomcat554107930  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
252/19/2019Creature from the Black Lagoon20218009791  Other PartsFun House  Complete
262/19/2019Dirty Harry52230111026  Complete GameFun House  Complete
272/19/2019Dirty Harry51430113171  Complete GameFun House  Complete
282/19/2019Twilight Zone50720165691  Other PartsFun House  Complete
292/19/2019Creature from the Black Lagoon20718923480  Complete GameFun House  Complete
302/19/2019Terminator 2: Judgment Day50013I778725  Other PartsFun House  Complete
312/19/2019Creature from the Black Lagoon21418933780  Complete GameFun House  Complete
322/19/2019Hotdoggin'EHD2297    Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
332/19/2019Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure51417169722  Other PartsFun House  Complete
342/19/2019White Water52218919830  Complete GameFun House  Complete
352/19/2019Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure52517272231  Other PartsFun House  Complete
362/19/2019Bram Stoker's Dracula51001053811  Other PartsFun House  Complete
372/19/2019Twilight Zone52520112332  Complete GameFun House  Complete
382/19/2019Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure51417172352  Complete GameFun House  Complete
392/19/2019Mousin' Around!2009300215  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
402/19/2019Fish Tales50005022025  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
412/19/2019Star Trek: The Next Generation53323368462  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
422/19/2019 550331  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
432/19/2019Apollo 13126860  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
442/19/2019Eight Ball DeluxeEED5159  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
452/19/2019Tag-Team Pinball8301  Complete GameJerry  Complete
462/19/2019Zodiac99809  Complete GamePMOORE  Complete
472/18/2019Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man PinballEPA2860  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
482/18/2019Rollergames576361784  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
492/18/2019Rollergames576362190  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
502/18/2019The Sopranos®190350  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete

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