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Submission Certificate
Game: MiniZag
Serial Number: 2494
Submitted By: robert racek
Submit Date: 9/1/2015
Game Part: Complete Game
Country: United States
SerialBot Says: Serial number matches format of a Production Game
Submitted Photo:
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Nudging Closed On: 9/8/2015 11:22:40 AM
DateNudged ByNudgeComment
9/2/2015King of Pinball-1Something is not quite right about this number. Usually the numbers are stamped, not embossed. And the letters preceding the numbers are odd. It looks like this number is from some sort of plaque that was attached to the machine at one time. I do verify the number, but I don't think it is the serial number of the machine.
9/2/2015 pinballservice-nl-1 
9/2/2015Kiao1Le numéro de série correspond aux autres de la série.
9/2/2015Matías N. Brusa1 
9/2/2015Jon Mclean-1 
9/2/2015Rod McLarge-1 
9/2/2015Dick Lineberry1 
9/2/2015Seal Clubber1 
9/2/2015Dean Larson-1 
9/2/2015Pat Herbert1Number seems legit
9/2/2015Antti Peltonen-1 
9/2/2015Byrdie 1 
9/3/2015Richard Hall1 
9/3/2015Felix-1Not sure that is the machine SN. I have never seen a Bally game with a number stamped on a plate then affixed to the machine.
9/4/2015Jay St@fford-1I can distinctly see the 4 digits (except maybe the third digit) but I can only guess at the two alphas that precede it. Then, as others point out, why is this number stamped on a plate and not in the wood? Where on this game is this number? Bad photo, sorry.
9/5/2015Marco Albus-1 
9/6/2015Patrick Mann1 
9/6/2015John Vorwerk-14 digits would agree with this machine, but the plate on it isn't what the factory used.
9/7/2015Adam 1 
9/7/2015Jess Askey-1Bally serial numbers were not on metal plates... this is most likely an operator serial number.
9/8/2015Shawn Christian-1 

Submitted Trait Data:
There was no trait data submitted for this game.

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