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Submission Certificate
Game: Bowling Queen
Serial Number: 010
Submitted By: B Holland
Submit Date: 6/18/2016
Game Part: Complete Game
Country: United States
SerialBot Says: The serial number does not match any known definition masks.
Submitted Photo:
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There are no other submissions of this serial number for this game.

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Nudging allows IPSND members to adjust the SerialBot score for a submission with a photo attached by determining of the photo clearly shows the existence of the serial number submitted. However, nudging is only 'Open' until there is a clear determiniation of accuracy by members. If a serial number has more than 5 nudges and the total of those nudges is greater than 4 or less than -3, then the nudge will be closed automatically after the last nudge. If a submission is controversial and there are nudges in both the positive and negative direction, then the nudge will remain open until the balance of voting swings the point value beyond 3 (positive or negative).

Nudging Closed On: 6/20/2016 5:52:48 AM
DateNudged ByNudgeComment
6/18/2016Seal Clubber1 
6/18/2016King of Pinball-1I suspect that there were numbers before the 010, because the tag is damaged and the number doesn't match the mask.
6/18/2016Byrdie 1 
6/19/2016 pinballservice-nl-1 
6/19/2016Dick Lineberry1 
6/19/2016Matías N. Brusa1 
6/19/2016Jon Mclean-1 
6/19/2016Dean Larson-1 
6/19/2016Rod McLarge-1I think there should be a couple more numbers there...missing? Or could it be a proto?
6/19/2016Marco Albus-1 
6/19/2016Ric Turner1 
6/20/2016Richard Hall-1there should be a stamped serial number on the body below the coin door as well, you may have to scrape off a little paint to see it

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