The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 47,014  Visitors: 24,041,139  Members: 3,453  Photos: 24,278  Lat/Lng: 23,788  Masks: 47,014(756.22 %)  Traits: 494  Nudges: 123,647  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(986)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,261)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,943)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.02)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(16,627)
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17/20/2018Sure Shot05910Complete GameFun House  Complete
27/19/2018Blue Chip283455Complete GameTed Giraulo  Complete
37/18/2018Pioneer07160Complete GameRon Cornell  Complete
47/18/2018Jurassic Park85644Complete GameMercifull  Complete
57/18/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure50217343521Other PartsFun House  Complete
67/18/2018SpeakeasyESE1179Complete GameFun House  Complete
77/17/2018Black Knight465613Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
87/17/2018Twilight Zone52720209631Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
97/17/2018Knock Out045031KOComplete Gamejack   Complete
107/16/2018Flash GordonEFG6681Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
117/16/2018Judge Dredd23320292442Complete GameFun House  Complete
127/16/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure50217248522Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
137/16/2018Star Wars (Pro)279212Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
147/16/2018Attack From Mars (Remake Limited Edition)AFM0661Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
157/16/2018Super Straight569Complete GameRay Gentry  Complete
167/16/2018Pro-Football07649Complete GameRay Gentry  Complete
177/16/2018Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man PinballEPM2051Complete GameRay Gentry  Complete
187/16/2018Sittin' PrettyC97996SPComplete GamePMOORE  Complete
197/15/2018Cross Town03852Complete Gameken Head  Complete
207/15/2018Cross Town05832Complete Gameken Head  Complete
217/15/2018Kings & Queens05833Complete Gameken Head  Complete
227/15/2018The Addams Family20017060811Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
237/15/2018Strike Master (2nd Ed)10102930835Other PartsFun House  Complete
247/15/2018Moulin Rouge23686Complete GameFun House  Complete
257/15/2018Judge Dredd23320445012Complete GameFun House  Complete
267/15/2018Dirty Harry53330110196Complete GameDave Hofman  Complete
277/15/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure52517348851Complete GameFun House  Complete
287/15/2018Demolition Man50428379482Other PartsFun House  Complete
297/15/2018Popeye Saves the Earth51322360342Other PartsFun House  Complete
307/15/2018Indianapolis 50050726101842Complete GameFun House  Complete
317/15/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure50217147642Complete GameFun House  Complete
327/15/2018Twilight Zone52520262541Other PartsFun House  Complete
337/15/2018Red & Ted's Road Show53324103447Complete GameFun House  Complete
347/15/2018Bad Cats575I315367Complete GameEric Biermann  Complete
357/15/2018 428338120Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
367/15/2018 425904Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
377/15/2018 346917Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
387/15/2018Jokerz!567192281Complete GameFun House  Complete
397/15/2018Abra Ca Dabra3210Complete GameFun House  Complete
407/15/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure53117225842Complete GameFun House  Complete
417/15/2018 425725Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
427/15/2018 402171Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
437/15/2018 335589Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
447/15/2018 406360Other PartsJohn Vorwerk  Complete
457/15/2018Monster Bash50765400748Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete
467/15/2018The Simpsons Pinball PartyE171426Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete
477/15/2018High Speed54193834Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete
487/15/2018Playboy®E162169Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete
497/15/2018The Addams Family20017I045392Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete
507/15/2018Car Hop77036Complete GameAntti Peltonen  Complete

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