The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 48,044  Visitors: 25,461,802  Members: 3,538  Photos: 25,253  Lat/Lng: 24,524  Masks: 48,044(772.78 %)  Traits: 495  Nudges: 128,557  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,007)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,264)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,988)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.04)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(17,309)
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110/17/2018Police Force573271371Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
210/17/2018Jack·Bot52051100491Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
310/17/2018Creature from the Black Lagoon20218009841Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
410/16/2018The Getaway: High Speed II50004I095438Complete GameClive Pedersen  Complete
510/15/2018Power PlayEPP3371Complete Gamedaniel curadeau  Complete
610/15/2018Pool Sharks2014I375232Complete GameFun House  Complete
710/15/2018Playboy 35th Anniversary00516608Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
810/15/2018Cyclone564145926Complete GameScott Durfee  Complete
910/15/2018Genesis2510Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1010/15/2018Future SpaEFS6066Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1110/15/2018Alien Poker446857Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1210/14/2018Nip-It5049Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1310/14/2018Sinbad11096Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1410/14/2018Twilight Zone53220116392Complete GameIsochronic Frost  Complete
1510/14/2018Disco8077Complete GameIan L. Fitzpatrick  Complete
1610/14/2018 E165469Other PartsFun House  Complete
1710/14/2018RollerCoaster TycoonE166812Complete GameFun House  Complete
1810/14/2018 101306Other PartsFun House  Complete
1910/14/2018RollerCoaster TycoonE166765Complete GameFun House  Complete
2010/14/2018Disco Fever378334998Complete GameFun House  Complete
2110/14/2018 442466Other PartsFun House  Complete
2210/14/2018World Poker Tour™E199536Complete GameFun House  Complete
2310/14/2018The Sopranos®E192329Complete GameFun House  Complete
2410/14/2018 171046Other PartsFun House  Complete
2510/14/2018The Sopranos®E190722Complete GameFun House  Complete
2610/14/2018Grand PrixE196727Complete GameFun House  Complete
2710/14/2018High Roller CasinoE156675Complete GameFun House  Complete
2810/14/2018NBA Fastbreak53353100185Other PartsFun House  Complete
2910/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Limited Edition)001Complete GameFun House  Complete
3010/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)055Complete GameFun House  Complete
3110/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)079Complete GameFun House  Complete
3210/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)110Complete GameFun House  Complete
3310/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)107Complete GameFun House  Complete
3410/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)155Complete GameFun House  Complete
3510/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)187Complete GameFun House  Complete
3610/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)171Complete GameFun House  Complete
3710/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)226Complete GameFun House  Complete
3810/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)202Complete GameFun House  Complete
3910/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)209Complete GameFun House  Complete
4010/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)148Complete GameFun House  Complete
4110/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)293Complete GameFun House  Complete
4210/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)162Complete GameFun House  Complete
4310/14/2018Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition)294Complete GameFun House  Complete
4410/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation161Complete GameFun House  Complete
4510/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation325Complete GameFun House  Complete
4610/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation222Complete GameFun House  Complete
4710/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation314Complete GameFun House  Complete
4810/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation327Complete GameFun House  Complete
4910/14/2018Total Nuclear Annihilation261Complete GameFun House  Complete
5010/14/2018RollerCoaster TycoonE166390Complete GameFun House  Complete

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