The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 50,961  Visitors: 30,283,991  Members: 3,751  Photos: 27,844  Lat/Lng: 25,038  Masks: 50,961(819.70 %)  Traits: 504  Nudges: 141,632  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,063)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(3,604)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,988)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.15)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(19,008)
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17/22/2019Theatre of Magic50239100824  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
27/22/2019Attack From Mars (Remake Limited Edition)AFM0837  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
37/21/2019Johnny Mnemonic53342102647  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
47/21/2019AC/DC (LUCI Premium)E245956  Complete GameFun House  Complete
57/21/2019Electra-Pool08033    Body OnlyFederico Croci  Unknown
67/21/2019Star Pool225970  Complete GameFun House  Complete
77/21/2019High Speed54181251  Complete GameFun House  Complete
87/21/2019Torch07459Complete GameJim McNulty  Complete
97/21/2019Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)275399  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
107/21/2019Ghostbusters (Pro)E261404  Complete Gameoradke  Complete
117/21/2019Aerosmith (Pro)286969  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
127/20/2019Spooky138770  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
137/20/2019SpookyF138456  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
147/20/2019Jungle06752  Complete GameRandall Delong  Complete
157/20/2019High Speed54182551  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
167/20/2019PIN·BOT54904490  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
177/20/2019Jokerz!567190755  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
187/20/2019Pool Sharks2014370809  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
197/20/2019Pirates of the Caribbean Collector’s Edition08732112  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
207/20/2019Reserve60759  Complete GameRandall Delong  Complete
217/20/2019ContestB94140C  Complete GameRandall Delong  Complete
227/20/2019Grand Slam001249GS    Complete GameRandall Delong  Complete
237/19/2019Alien Star02077  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
247/19/2019Harley-Davidson20001I655937  Complete GameBill Meyers  Complete
257/19/2019Sound Stage1401Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
267/19/2019Indianapolis 50053326100653  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
277/19/2019Space Station552124255  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
287/19/2019Full Throttle (Standard Edition)HPFT0060  Complete GameDavid Dahl-Hansson  Complete
297/19/2019Street Fighter II106309    Complete GameDavid Dahl-Hansson  Complete
307/19/2019The Six Million Dollar ManESM9051  Complete GameDavid Dahl-Hansson  Complete
317/18/2019High Speed54190534Complete GameEdward Walsh  Complete
327/18/2019Monopoly™161229Complete GameEdward Walsh  Complete
337/18/2019Comet54066081  Complete GameBif  Complete
347/18/2019Sorcerer53257335  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
357/18/2019Lucky Seven316017    Complete GameFun House  Complete
367/17/2019Rapid FireERF4390  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
377/17/2019ElektraEEL1640  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
387/17/2019Pool Sharks2014I375624  Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
397/17/2019Eight Ball DeluxeEED8745    Body OnlyFun House  Complete
407/17/2019The Addams Family20017594290Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
417/17/2019King Kool04196Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
427/17/2019The Walking Dead (Premium)251529Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
437/17/2019Surf Champ13698Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
447/17/2019Tales of the Arabian Nights53347102244Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
457/17/2019Dolly PartonEDP5419Complete GameTom Capek  Complete
467/17/2019Space InvadersESI4949  Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
477/17/2019Scared Stiff53348103348  Complete GameFun House  Complete
487/17/2019Whirlwind574I335022  Complete GameFun House  Complete
497/17/2019Star Trek: The Next Generation51423418141    Complete GameFun House  Complete
507/17/2019NBAE223108    Complete GameFun House  Complete

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